Why Bulldawg is right for you

  • Trust
    They want to work with a company that is well established, reliable, and dependable. They are looking for a company whose employees, subcontractors, and suppliers are trustworthy to come into their home.
  • Quality
    They want to work with a company that specializes in the kind of quality work they want.
  • Communication
    They want a company that is responsive to their requests, protects their investment, and will handle coordination with the many sources necessary to complete the project.
  • Job management
    They feel uncomfortable dealing with several different sources, such as a designer, builder, and interior designer. They want a company that can manage their job efficiently.
  • Schedule
    They want to know their project's schedule without making a ton of calls.
  • Design
    They want creative ideas, but don’t feel qualified to actually design them. They need help with material and product selections.
  • Time
    Their time is important. They want all the work completed in a timely manner – on schedule. They want to save time during the design and selections process.
  • No financial surprise
    They don't want a financial surprise at the end of their project.
  • Warranty
    They want to work with a company that has a warranty and stands behind their past work.