Every year storms tear through the southeast leaving neighborhoods devastated. If a severe storm hits your home, do you know what to look for? How do you know if your home is truly damaged?
As "Storm Damage Claim Specialists", we specialize in the replacement of roofing, siding, windows, insulation, gutters and more. Not all storm damage is visible from the ground. Bulldawg Contractors will make a free visual inspection to be sure your home was not damaged. If damage is spotted Bulldawg Contractors will meet with you and your Insurance adjuster to verify the damage and the repair method.
Our estimators are well trained and will work on your behalf with your insuance company. Having one of our specialists present upon your insurance company's inspection can be very beneficial when identifying project work. Our specialists will explain the claim process from start to finish to ensure an decisions that need to be made by the homeowner are well informed decisions. ( Storm Damage will not affect your insurance rating and Bulldawg will with you on your deductable. )
Here is a brief summary of out process and what you can expect from us throughout your claim.
         We will inspect the exterior/interior of your property for damage that would be covered by your homeowner's insurance.
         Once insured damage is determined, you will make the initial call to the insurance company to open a claim. We are there to assist you in anyway needed.
         Your insurance company will give you a claim number which you will need to give Bulldawg Contractors so we can include it in your file. It is important to let us know as soon as your insurance company schedules your adjustment.
         We will meet with the insurance adjuster at your property and go over the damage together so everyone has a complete understanding of the work to be done. If the adjust does not agree with the work we propose, we will work with the on your behalf to make sure that all necessary repairs are covered and included.
         After your insurance company approves the work, we will proceed with the materials selection. Sometimes it may be necessary to file a supplemental claim or have the scope of work sent to appraisal to make sure the insurance company is properly paying for your roof.
         All insurance checks will be sent to you as they come in order to cover the next phase of the project. You will need to either deposit the checks and write a check to Bulldawg Contractors or endorse the check on the back to Bulldawg Contractors.
         Once the materials come in, we will complete the repairs to your property.
         When the project is complete, we will send the insurance company a final invoice so they know the job is finished and that it is ok to release the remainder of the funds, if any, to you.
         This last insurance check will be used for your final payment to Bulldawg Contractors. In the event of a supplement there may be additional checks that will be additional payment to Bulldawg Contractors.